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Hello, my dear readers, my name is David Smith, and I welcome you at my Online Casino Northwest Journal website.

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Online Casinos: How Chronologist Became Expert in Gambling

Before we dive into the beautiful world of slots, blackjack, roulette, and other online games, ask yourself just one question: “What is your idea of a gambling expert?”

Indeed, for you, this is a passionate online gambler who has managed to play all the real money online casinos and who spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on online games. But, well, I’m very far from that description.

I am a chronologist by specialization, and I believe that the phrase “You have to know the past to understand the present” is accurate.

Still back at university, I started one project dealing with the study of Canada’s trade development, in particular, furs trading due to the country specifics and resources available for trading.

I was collecting lots of information which might be well used both by teachers of history in schools and those engaged in reconstruction of historical costumes.

I found it so exciting to gather data about various public figures of those days. I always wondered what qualities these people had and what made them successful.

And it happened so that I once came across the information on old-days betting when the bet winner got furs as a prize, not money. From that time on, I became obsessed with all that was related to history of betting, gambling, casinos, etc.

Like a real historian, I started an in-depth study of kingdoms, classes, families, and species of various casinos and games. I worked on my research relying on such trustworthy online casino sources, and my interest in the topic has only been growing since that time. I have realized that the field of gambling has no fewer amazing things to study than any other area of our life.

Casino Games Stormed into My Life!

So, still being a university student, I first walked into a land-based casino to play a couple of slots, just for fun.

To say that the process sucked me in is an understatement. First, I was losing my money, but I couldn’t stop. Then, that same night, before I could take a break, I made some money.

Can you imagine that it was my first winning! I didn’t think that I had spent 20 times as much money before that. Just few months before, I was contemplating on creation of a website that would be all about science (yes, I’m very versatile). That’s precisely what it would have been if I hadn’t walked into a casino that night.

The only thought that swirled around in my head was how many online games I could find on the internet. There turned out to be a lot of them! But quality of the reviews on most of them were too low, so I decided to fix this drawback and create Online Casino Northwest Journal.

Today my mission is to make sure that Online Casino Northwest Journal will be interesting and regularly aggregating reviews of the most popular and new online casino games.

I know all the information you find here will be beneficial. After all, I have used it many times in practice and hit jackpots.

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And now, let’s see more precisely what awaits you in Online Casino Northwest Journal:

New online casino in Canada. Are you tired of constantly looking for new online casinos in Canada that offer you the best playing conditions and mind-boggling bonuses? Finish your search because I not only found the most relevant information on these casinos, but I constantly keep my hand on the pulse to be the first to know about new online casinos and report them to you! Also, on this page, I share the secrets of successful gaming at new online casinos, which only 5% of players know about (I’m not kidding). Many online gamers are wondering: What is the difference between the new and existing casinos? I will answer this question as well. I will also tell you what to look for when choosing a new online casino in Canada. Don’t waste time, learn all about new online casino in Canada right now.

Best payout online casino. You know how often I’ve heard from visitors to modern online casinos: “I’m only here to have a good time.” The most common way they repeat this phrase is when they remain without a penny:) Anyway, don’t kid yourself—winning matters to me, you, and any other player. So I will tell you which games have the highest APR on this page. Don’t know what an APR is? I’ll tell you about that too! I also share what to look for when choosing the best payout online casino. But what’s even more relaxed, I’m going to tell you the four most manageable steps that will allow you to choose the casino with the highest payout! List of best payout online casino and a lot of valuable tips on the game are waiting for you!

1$ deposit casino. You’re tired of just playing free games, but the size of your deposit leaves a lot to be desired. Okay, I’ll tell you the best $1 deposit casinos, what bonuses you can get from these casinos, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and what software developers create games for such casinos. Of course, I will not only provide a list of $1 deposit casinos but also tell you how you can rate them yourself. Interested? Even more useful information about $1 deposit casino you can learn on my website.

Casino craps online. Who doesn’t love craps? However, I do not exclude that you have heard about it, but you know absolutely nothing about how to choose a casino craps online. In my Online Casino Northwest Journal, I will share information on how to play this game, how to choose the best casino craps online, and give you recommendations that will allow you to become a master of the game of craps.

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In short, I’m happy you’re here! And let’s enjoy together the fun that casino games can bring.

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